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Farm Stand Hours Dawn to Dusk
April - Oct

Farm Stand, with buckets of locally grown sustainable produced flowers and foliages

A limited number of
Flower Bouquet Subscriptions
are available
for summer / 2022.
Four enhanced bouquets are full of gorgeous blooms for you to enjoy or gift.
Pick 4 Fridays between July & October.

Click here to see if there are any openings.

Farmstand Flowers

are offered in two ways:


Salad Bar Style - you select the blooms and foliages that you like.

Generally suggested, $1/flower stem, foliage $1/sm bunch

Premium Flowers (Peonies, Dahlias)


Bouquets - $20 and up

Flowers and foliages are re-stocked by 10 AM on most days.  

Stand is CLOSED when the temperatures are above 80 degrees. Much too stressful for the blooms and they would not last long for you...  


OR if strong winds occur. It whips the delicate blooms too harshly for good vase life) as well as knocking the containers over!


The stand is open from April until the first heavy frost in November.

Purchases are by the honor system. Paypal and Venmo available.

Tip box for donations

(I use the excess blooms for free arrangements

for medical facilities).

Building the Stand
Building farm stand frame with repurposed wood & tin sheeting
Truck Bed Farm Stand framed up w/shelves
Truck Bed Farm Stand framed, repurposed
Flower buckets full of local grown organic flowers

 Creating Our Farm Stand 

It was The Covid year. Yep, when everything shut down. 

I would finally have lots of flowers for the first time.

But now,  how to sell them?


So being shut down, of course, became the perfect time to take on a project I had been planning.  If our flower farm was to succeed, we needed a farm stand. Preferable a mobile one; if I needed to go to the farmer's market or an event, it could tag along.

I had located a broken-down truck bed on Craig's List and my honey & I drove 100 miles R/T to pick it up. Lucky the tires were functional!

Jim scavenged around the farm and found old pieces of tin and boards that he used to create the framework.

I painted and he hammered.

Think we spent less than $20 on new materials; It made a very interesting piece of art.


An old Chevy truck bed repurposed!

Jim created shelves and backings to show my floral offerings. We soon added a backdrop as the afternoon winds quickly blew my buckets over. When the days were over 90 degrees F, I took pity on the blooms and closed the stand.


Hours were sunup to sundown, serve yourself!   

Stand usually restocked by 10 AM.

The Farm Stand Team - Jim & Amy
Local sustainably farmed flowers on truck bed farm stand
Dahlias, deep pink, on Farm Stand

recycle, repurpose, reuse was the mantra!

Opening the farm stand was a place to show my products and get a feel for what my neighborhood enjoyed.

I placed a tip box on the stand and everything was
"By Donation ONLY"

Organic flower arrangement on farm stand

I received many sweet appreciation notes from visitors to the stand. It was wonderful to share the flowers with all that came by.

Organic flowers, sustainably grown, & foliages

It was a pleasure to stop and chat with those who dropped by while I restocked the cart. Must say it was definitely an icebreaker!

By request,

I added a PayPal & Venmo account for those that did not carry cash but wanted to support the stand!

Flower buckets full of organic farm grown flowers
Early Work Station

My first on-farm work area, by the barn

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