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Dahlia Wake-Up for Propagation




2 hrs


About the Course

Dahlia tubers are quite expensive for one single plant. Generally $5 -20 for each tuber depending on the variety. The Cafe au Lait, in the image, runs $15-$20 each. Those workhorse tubers do provide a bounty of baby tubers at the end of the season but what if you want MORE this year.

Following an early wake up call you can start the process to grow. It's too early to plant in the ground but you can take cuttings from the protected new growth. Planting the "slips" will give you a complete dahlia plant that will bloom this year and at the end of the season, also give you more tubers to plant for the next year. You can often produce 4-6 plants from that mother tuber!

In this workshop you will see the whole process; especially how to take a viable cutting. Come join in a relaxed review of propagating tuber babies.

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