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The Heritage Farm


The name "The Heritage Farm" comes with a nod to Mother Nature's work, over the millenniums, which has evolved a full circle system

that is sustainable.

Plants, animals, birds, beneficials, pests, and microbes which work together.

Every output becomes an input for someone else.

That is where the "Heritage" portion of our name comes from. 

The heritage that has been bequeathed to us.


 On our farm, we work to pay attention to how nature's setup has evolved.

How can it be adapted to our farm.

Regenerative Farming

On The Heritage Farm, we work to rebuild sustainable systems that mother nature has developed; working with her instead of against. Using science to learn more about how it all comes together. 


Regenerative Farming (what a mouthful) is actually about putting in MORE than we take out while working toward no-till farming practices.

It started with - 

  • Organic Farming (no pesticides/chemicals), then to

  • Sustainable Farming (replace what you take out), and finally,

  • Regenerative Farming (putting more back in to nourish the whole).


Nurturing the soil, creating micro-biomes to provide habitat & food for birds, butterflies, bees, beneficials, and microbes.

Come join us for a visit to our

small family farm and see how all that

is translated into practice!  


Barn Front, old tractor, on flower farm

Our Focus

Heal & Nurture the Soil

which in turn supports the whole.

Return more than we take.

One planet in our Care.

Share the knowledge

Parts of the Whole
on the Farm

  • Heritage Farm Florals - Sales of flowers, blooms, plant starts, tree starts 

  • Heritage Farm Jerseys - Breeding & sales of miniature Jersey Milk Cows with A2/A2 genetics

  • Flower Farming Fun - Educational component, offering tours, workshops, and consulting

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